We can often repair your auto glass without replacing your windshield or car window… Bad roads and rough weather conditions can be hazardous, and they can also result in damage to the glass in your vehicle. If your automobile’s front windshield is cracked, or the auto glass is chipped on a door window or the rear windshield, Glass Depot in San Diego & Chula Vista can solve your problem and get you back on the road in style, quickly and affordably. Windshield repair will prevent the crack or chip from spreading and restore your windshield’s structural integrity, improve visibility, and make it look much better. Repairing your windshield could especially save you money in case your windshield has sensors or cameras near it that will have to be recalibrated in case of a replacement. Saving money by repairing your auto glass instead of doing a full windshield replacement is often the best approach when your window damage is a chip or a small enough crack, within certain parameters: If you can cover most of the crack or chip with your hand, and it is not directly in front of the driver’s seat, a sensor or camera, or on the edge of the panel, then it can probably be repaired. It is affordable to have your windshield repaired… But if you don’t get it done right away, the chip or crack may spread further and necessitate a full windshield replacement. If you do have a crack in your windshield, we recommend having it repaired as quickly as possible, even before you wash it, to prevent chemicals from settling into the crack and complicating the process. If the damage impairs visibility through your windshield, it may be also be illegal as well as unsafe, and you may be at risk of receiving a citation. If your auto glass is damaged in an accident or due to weather or road conditions, call Glass Depot and we will get you back in action quickly! Our San Diego auto glass repair technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of auto glass repair, and we have fixed and replaced thousands of windshields and car windows just like yours. Our La Jolla windshield repair specialists can repair your auto glass quickly – often in less than an hour. How do we do it? Our technician will clean and inspect your windshield, removing loose glass from the crack, and using specialized tools and techniques inject a resin into the windshield which will bond the broken glass. Keep in mind that even if your windshield damage seems large or has been there for quite awhile, it is possible that our Chula Vista auto glass repair specialists may be able to repair it, allowing you to avoid replacement, so we would encourage you have us take a look at it.
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