2 decades of experience replacing semi-truck windshields and commercial truck windows in the San Diego & Chula Vista area

Truck Glass Specialists

Our semi truck windshield replacement specialists make it easy for you to have your commercial and semi-truck windshield replaced, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We understand that for a commercial hauling vehicle, time is money – and for a big truck, downtime can mean lost earnings for you or your company, so we will try to work with your schedule, and we will handle your windshield replacement quickly, and whatever location is most convenient for you.

Whether your big rig is parked in a truck yard, a storage lot or facility, at your home or even at a highway rest stop, our technicians will replace your windshield at the location you specify, anywhere in San Diego County.

Makes of Semi-Truck & Big-Rig Windshields We Service

We replace pretty much every make and model of commercial truck and semi-truck windshield, including (but not limited to):

Diamond Reo
Grumman Olson
Western Star

Our truck glass professionals work with some of the biggest commercial truck fleets in the San Diego area, and because of our decades of experience replacing and repairing various makes and models of big truck windshields and windows, we understand the unique challenges that come with the job of handling truck glass.

Big truck windshield replacement is different from handling a standard vehicle’s auto glass in a number of respects. First and foremost, semi-truck windshields are much larger than the windshields on cars other consumer passenger vehicles. In some cases the truck’s windshield is wider than a person is tall, and because the dimensions of the windshield are so much larger, the glass in the windshield also has to be a lot thicker in order to maintain the strength of the glass and the structural integrity of the windshield, which makes these windshields very heavy, and in these cases the installation may require multiple trained technicians to complete.

A truck with a split windshield, on the other hand, really has two windshields. These 2 panels are smaller and lighter than a single piece windshield, and they can typically be installed by a single technician. One big advantage of a split windshield on a truck is that in many cases where one panel in a split windshield may be damaged, the glass panel on the other side may not be damaged at all, so only one side of the split windshield has to be replaced.

Whether your big rig features a single piece windshield or split windshield, our San Diego semi-truck windshield replacement specialists will make sure your windshield replacement is done right, so that your glass will not leak, nor fracture or pop out later on, and we always work with particular attention to the moldings and gaskets on a big truck windshield.

How Soon Will My Truck Be Back On The Road?

Once your semi-truck’s windshield installation is completed, your service technician will usually recommend that the truck remain stationary on a flat surface for two to four hours in order for the adhesive to fully set and cure.

Your professional installer will always be sure to get you back in business and back on the road as quickly as possible. However, for some larger single piece windshield installations, your auto glass professional will recommend that you wait for 24 hours before putting the truck back in service. This is purely for the safety and reliability of the installation. In cases where it is appropriate, your service technician will also discuss a fast-curing adhesive option with you, which can result in a faster turnaround.

Auto Glass Depot is the commercial truck window and semi-truck windshield replacement service provider preferred by semi-truck fleet managers and truck drivers throughout the San Diego and Chula Vista area.

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