2 decades of experience repairing and replacing sunroofs in the San Diego & Chula Vista area

We have decades of experience fixing and replacing all manner of sunroof and sunroof components. Whether your vehicle has a power sunroof or a pop-up sunroof, we can repair the glass, or replace it if the crack or chip is too big for glass repair.

It is important to understand that in most cases, a sunroof is made of tempered glass, which means that the glass has been subjected to a process of rapid heating and cooling, and the result is a kind of glass that protects you in an accident – it will not shatter in an accident, but instead break into small pieces that are dull and unlikely to cause injury. This is a great feature of your sunroof, but this process also means that once the glass breaks it probably can’t be repaired. If you have a small crack or chip in your sunroof glass, you should have an expert Chula Vista sunroof repair specialist take a look at it right away, before it has a chance to grow and become unrepairable.

If your power sunroof is malfunctioning, you may be experiencing a lot of frustration – either the sunroof may be stuck in an open or closed position, or it may be moving too slowly or not working all the time. There may be a problem with the motor, but don’t worry – Glass Depot can take care of any kind mechanical or electronic sunroof problem affordably – usually the same day. Our San Diego sunroof repair technicians can also repair or replace the power sunroof’s switch and the switching mechanism.

Another extremely inconvenient situation is a leaky sunroof. It doesn’t always rain in San Diego, but when it does, you certainly do not want to have to deal with this problem – or with water leaking into your vehicle every time you wash it. Fortunately, the Glass Depot team are also experts at sunroof leak repair. Sunroof leaks are often caused by faulty seals, so our professionals will test your seals to determine if this is the case, and repair or replace your sunroof’s seals if necessary.

Examples of different types of sunroof we service:

  • Roof-mounted sliding sunroofs
    These glass sunroof panels slide open on roof-mounted tracks.
  • Panoramic sunroof systems
    These large or multiple-panel sunroofs sit above both the front and rear of the vehicle’s passenger compartment. The sunroof panels may open, or in some cases the glass panels may be fixed. Very large sunroofs that open typically operate via a track-mounted sliding system or tilting spoiler system.
  • Photovoltaic solar sunroofs
    These glass sunroofs feature a solar panel to generate electricity to the vehicle’s interior ventilation system.
  • Spoiler sunroofs
    These sunroofs may have a similar appearance to tilt-panel sunroofs, but instead of being removable, they slide backward when tilted to provide a partial opening, and may resemble a spoiler on the roof. They are common in vehicles with a smaller passenger compartment and thus a shorter roof, and are usually electrical, and open and close automatically.
  • Tilt-panel or “pop-up” sunroofs
    These sunroofs are hand operated tilting panels, which are generally removable. This provides venting when the panel is tilted, or a complete opening when removed. These sunroofs are installed after-market on many vehicles.
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