2 decades of experience repairing and replacing auto power windows in the San Diego & Chula Vista area

Automobile power windows have been around since 1940, and these days most new and late model cars have them. Power windows are very convenient – instead of cranking the window up or down, all you have to do is press a button. Many power windows also include safety features that allow the driver to prevent children from opening the windows inappropriately.

Not only do power windows make it easy to cool off quickly, they are extremely convenient when ordering food at a drive-thru restaurant or coffee shop.

But manual roll-up windows have their advantages too, of course – primarily, they don’t rely on electricity, so they work even when the car is not running and are not dependent on the vehicle’s electrical system. (The power windows on many cars and trucks do continue to work for a period of time after the ignition is turned off, but only if the system is working properly.)

Power Window Repair & Replacement

Power windows require skilled and trained technicians for any sort of repair and replacement services, because they rely on a motor and must be installed and aligned precisely in order to operate properly. Fortunately, Glass Depot has decades of experience in power window repair, replacement and maintenance, and offers affordable service. Most of the time, we can repair or replace the glass or solve any other power window issues the same day.

Electrical & Mechanical Power Window Problems You May Experience:

  • The window is stuck in one position!
  • The window only works when it wants to!
  • The window opens and closes too slowly!

Electrical & Mechanical Power Window Repair

If one or more of your vehicle’s power windows won’t move, is stuck in one position, or moves very slowly, the problem may be with the wiring, switch, motor, regulator, window guides/channels, relays, or the body control module.

If you’re experiencing strange behavior from your power windows, or they just aren’t behaving properly when you try to move them up and down, contact Glass Depot right away.

Our expert San Diego power window repair professionals understand all the various components that make your power windows work properly, and we have all the tools and equipment to test the system and get your vehicle back on the road with perfectly behaving power windows quickly.

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