Two decades of experience repairing heavy equipment glass & windows and construction equipment windshield replacement in Chula Vista & the San Diego area

Types of Construction & Heavy Equipment Glass We Service

Whether you have a damaged windshield, or you need an experienced shop to replace the window glass in your backhoe, dump truck, tractor, crane, bus, big rig or any other kind of heavy equipment or vehicle, our San Diego heavy equipment windshield replacement specialists will make sure your window or windshield replacement is done right, so that you can rest easy that you won’t have to deal with leaky glass or spontaneous fractures after the job is completed. Our windshield replacement technicians always pay particular attention to the moldings and and gaskets when dealing with heavy equipment windshields and windows.

Construction Equipment & Heavy Equipment Glass Specialists

Our heavy equipment and construction equipment glass specialists work on major fleet and construction equipment accounts throughout San Diego county, as well as with several automotive and RV dealerships in the San Diego & Chula Vista area. Our service technicians are extremely familiar with the particular issues that can arise when dealing with the windshields and other glass panels in heavy construction equipment. Because we have so much experience repairing and replacing heavy equipment windows and windshields, we have the ability to customize our processes to the unique design and construction elements that exist in many heavy equipment windshields and glass panels.

Our Professional Installers Will Come To Your Location

Whether your heavy equipment is parked on a storage lot, an equipment yard, a construction site or a garage, our mobile windshield replacement units will conveniently service your heavy equipment glass at your specified location, anywhere in San Diego County, and our mobile auto glass units are specially equipped to enable your professional installer to effectively handle and re-mount the large, heavy windshields and glass for cranes, excavators, bobcats and other heavy equipment and construction equipment.

With decades of experience, Auto Glass Depot is the premier windshield replacement and window and glass service provider for construction equipment and other heavy equipment owners and operators throughout the San Diego and Chula Vista area.

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