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With over two decades of experience replacing car and truck windshields and repairing auto glass, San Diego‘s Auto Glass Depot is proud to be San Diego County’s most trusted auto glass shop and mobile windshield installation service. Feel free to check out our Google and Yelp reviews – we are extremely pleased to have been able to be of service to so many San Diego drivers over the past twenty years.

Your vehicle’s auto glass is an integral part of the structural and safety support built into the automobile

Your automobile’s windshield, along with all of the other auto glass built into your vehicle, are designed to protect the occupants of the automobile from being injured in case of an accident, by preventing the driver and the passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle, and by providing a backstop to support your airbags if and when they are deployed. At the same time, your automobile’s windshield is an important part of the structure of the vehicle that keeps it intact in case of a rollover or any other serious impact or stress to the integrity of the car or truck’s passenger compartment. Therefore, a crack or a chip can essentially make the vehicle’s passenger compartment less sturdy and can potentially put the driver and the passengers at a greater risk of injury if an accident were to occur.

High quality materials, experienced professionals, fast and efficient service

If your auto windows or your windshield can be repaired, our experienced auto glass technicians will be happy to let you know, and to repair the chip or the crack in your vehicle’s windshield for you, so that the damage becomes for the most part invisible, and so that the crack or the chip in the windshield is much less likely to spread or to get any larger. On the other hand, if our auto glass specialist determines that the chip or the crack in the vehicle’s window or the windshield is too large, or that the crack or the chip is too close to the edge of the glass panel to be repaired safely, or if the structural support and the safety of your passenger compartment can’t be maintained without replacing the vehicle’s windshield, then our San Diego windshield replacement professionals will take care of your vehicle’s windshield replacement quickly and expertly, and will make sure that the job is done right, just as if we were doing work on our own family’s automobile.

Safety always comes first

In the unfortunate situation that you do happen to be involved in an accident, your vehicle’s windshield will serve as a backstop for your automobile’s airbags in case they deploy, and the windshield will also provide vital support for the structure of the passenger compartment, protecting the driver and the passengers in case of a serious accident. This is especially true if the vehicle were to unfortunately end up rolling over in an accident. Because of these fundamental safety factors, it is absolutely essential and highly recommended that you have your vehicle’s windshield replaced only by professional auto windshield installation technicians whose work is backed up by years of experience replacing car and truck windshields, and using only AGSC (Auto Glass Safety Council) approved materials and procedures.

If it is more convenient for you to have our professional windshield installation technician to come to a location of your choosing to replace your vehicle’s windshield, just give us a call and let us know where you would like your windshield to be replaced. Auto Glass Depot offers mobile windshield replacement services to all of San Diego County. Our mobile windshield replacement service has been in operation for more than the past twenty years, and our professional mobile windshield replacement technicians have the experience to handle your vehicle’s windshield replacement quickly and expertly, and of course leave nothing behind but a great looking brand new windshield to keep you and your family safe and dry.

The Auto Glass Depot windshield replacement process

Before getting started, your professional windshield replacement technician will walk you through the process of replacing your vehicle’s windshield, and then proceed with the replacement. Your technician will completely remove your damaged windshield, and then replace it using the most up-to-date procedures and materials. Once complete, he will then use our professional vacuuming equipment to completely remove any broken glass and debris that may be left over in the vehicle, and finally make sure that the windshield is completely water tight and clean, and then you can typically expect to be able to safely drive your automobile away within two to three hours. If you feel that you would prefer a faster drive away time, please ask your our auto glass technician about our special quick drying adhesive option that typically cures in about an hour.

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